Seven Tips For Giving Your Kids A Wonderful Start To The School Year!

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Ahhh the sweet sounds of feet crashing down hallways and lids being slammed on lunch boxes. A delightful symphony of screams fills the air like a scene from Planet of the Apes. Remind you of anything? If school mornings in your house are more chaos than calm then you’re probably dreading the start of term one. Here are a few tips that will have your kids sliding out the door to start the school year like smooth peanut butter…

1. List it then tick it!

From binders to backpacks, text books to tennis shoes, the list of what’s required to start school can seem endless. Get rid of the guess work and eliminate the risk of doubling up by making a list, which you can tick off as you go. And another tip, don’t leave your purchasing until the last minute. This way you’ll avoid the crowds, plus you’ll have time to go back if you’ve missed anything.

2. Stationary…sorted!

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Make the start to the school year as fabulous as possible by adding some quirk and character! Cute and colourful stationary will brighten their day and you can pack it all away in a fun pencil case like this VW replica from Way Out Wonder. It’s made using high quality canvas so it’s both practical and durable. It’s roomy too so your kid can store all the pens, paperclips and pencils they could ever need.

3. Pack them some happiness

VW Kombi insulated kids lunchbox

You can let your kids know you love them and give them the confidence they need to finish the day by packing a handwritten note in with their lunch. Even better, you can pack it into a super cool VW replica lunch box! Your kid will stand out from the lunch time crowd with this fully insulated, zip accessed lunch box that’s been modelled on a 1965 VW Kombi Campervan. It’s guaranteed to keep their food fresh and feed their free-spirited nature.

4. Start the Day Off Right

Nutritious school lunch - insulated lunchbox

Get the first day of the school term off to a great start by serving up a healthy breakfast that will fill their tummies. Research says kids who have eaten breakfast perform better due to an increased ability to concentrate. They will also have more energy, which means they can power through classes like P.E and any extracurricular activities. Whole grains, eggs, lean meat, fruit, vegetables, milk and yoghurt will have your kids bouncing out the door and smiling from maths to music and beyond!

5. Distract the Siblings

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It makes sense that on day one all eyes will be on the school age children in the family. But, in all the commotion, it’s important not to forget the smallest members of the bunch. They will definitely appreciate some love in the form of a distraction like this seriously vibin’ VW Kombi Kids Play Tent. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, pops up in around two minutes and it protects juniors from the rain and UV rays. The young ones will be totally digging it while you get the big kids ready and out the door.

6. Routine, routine, routine

Back to school lunch boxes

A morning routine will help your kids adjust from relaxed holiday mode to full steam ahead for school. Use an alarm to get them out of bed nice and early, and be sure to praise them when you get out the door on time. By making their mornings predictable you’re helping your kids feel relaxed and positive about what’s to come.

7. Give Yourself a break!

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Once the frenzy is over and the kids are safely in their classrooms it’s time to treat yourself. First day separation anxiety can affect parents too so have a coffee date or fun activity planned for yourself after drop off. This is a great way to take your mind off missing the kids and give yourself a reward for a job well done!


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