Sith Reasons Why This Star Wars Death Star Tent is the Best Christmas Gift in the Galaxy

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Why would you sleep under the stars when you can doze inside a Death Star? This highly functional camping tent is the perfect Christmas present for the Star Wars lover in your life. If they want to explore the great outdoors, set up the ultimate backyard adventure or find their tent easily at a festival, this replica Death Star camping tent will have them covered whether it’s from rain, hail, shine or a rebel starfighter attack.

1. The Ultimate Weapon for Camping

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While this Death Star won’t guarantee them control of the galaxy, you’ll definitely have them ruling the campground. The lightweight, high-spec camping tent has been manufactured by the same factory that produces tents for North Face, K2 and Coleman. It’s made from super durable Oxford polyester material and comes with an inner waterproof compartment that is pre-connected to the frame, along with an inner-door complete with fly sheet for excellent ventilation. It also comes with guy ropes, extra strength tent pegs and its own Star Wars carry bag.


2. Shield Them from the Rain AND the Rebel Alliance

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Way Out Wonder’s Death Star camping tent is made using an Oxford Polyester outer with 1k HH waterproofing. This means the fabric has been tested using a Hydrostatic Head (HH) machine that determines the resistance of fabrics to water penetration under pressure. The Death Star tent can withstand the pressure from up to 1000mm of water. Please note: tent is not impervious to the Force. Planet destroying superlaser / kyber crystals not included.


3. Big Enough for Three Humans (or Six Yodas)

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While the Death Star tent isn’t quite the size of a dwarf planet, it’s still extremely spacious. Measuring 145cm in height and 260cm in diameter, there’s plenty of room for sleeping or planning to overthrow the New Republic.


4. Jedi Mind Tricks Not Required

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The original Death Star took twenty years to assemble, while this one takes just two minutes. That’s practically lightspeed! Simply pull the centre and click the joints to construct the poles, groundsheet and pre-connected inner tent. The same system lets you pack it away as quickly as it went up.


5. Plenty of Storage

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Keep your phone / book / lightsaber within reach at all times by placing them in the handy storage pockets. You can also hang a torch or blaster rifle from the convenient hook mounted in the centre of the tent’s inner shell.


6. Stand Out from the Crowd

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Don’t be just another stormtrooper in the Imperial Army. Be bold. Be indispensable! This officially licensed Star Wars product has been manufactured with incredible attention detail, making it a brilliant representation of the original. Shipping is FREE and, with Way Out Wonder, you receive 15% off your first order, use code WOWBLOG15 at checkout. There is limited stock available so order now to give your favourite Star Wars fanatic the best Christmas present ever!


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